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Thoughts About Tu Bears

The work I have done with Tu Bears has allowed me to transform the way I’ve seen myself from a girl who was dealing with things that were coming to me, to being an active co-creator of my destiny.

I had read many books that discussed your thoughts and your intentions creating your experience, but I couldn’t put it together.  The journey I have had with Tu Bears has transformed me.  It has helped me strip away everything that is not authentic and has allowed me to step into the woman I came here to be.

Tu Bears has supported me in cultivating the graceful power that I am.  She has shown love, wisdom and knowledge to help me live in my truth.  I am forever grateful to her and to the work I have done with her.  My life would not be where it is today without having known her.  I am now a more authentic, loving, confident being and I am accepting the true power I have to make this the most empowering and amazing life experience I have ever had!.

– Erin H., Nevada, USA