Word on the Street

Thoughts about Tu Bears

Tu Bears graces the lives of those who are fortunate to know her by her soaring gift of love which easily reaches us wherever we stand.  Her kindness and generous knowing enhance our daily steps and, if we let it, imbues our lives so richly that once we feel her buoyancy our own energy is never again unremarkable.

The bounteous, benevolent, inspiring gifts – which Tu Bears so naturally emits are kindling for personal growth on a journey is nothing less than astonishing.

 – Anne B., Maine, USA

My time spent in council and guided journeys began 6 years ago.  I was called to Tu Bears, directed by my higher power, and continue to seek her guidance.  Each conversation brings me clearer vision, deeper understanding of my physical and spiritual path.  Her wisdom, experience, and gift as a visionary has assisted me in perceiving my own inner strengths and powers.  Tu Bears daily writings gently guide me through contemplation and meditation.  My spiritual practice continues to grow, I am riding the thermals with an eagle heart, I share my home with the spirit of a buffalo, and I always listen when the coyote speaks.

– Suzy D., Nevada, USA

Tu Bears spiritual awareness and ability to gently guide my transformative journey continues to be miraculous and amazing.  I have consulted with Tu Bears on a weekly basis for over 10 years and in reading over my many journal notes after each conversation I am witness to my own personal metamorphosis.  I am forever grateful and feel extremely blessed for the time I have in conversation with Tu Bears. 

– Ruby S., California, USA

Tu Bears’ authenticity, humor, and strong direct connections to the cosmos have been a tremendous resource for me.  When I have run into difficult times, with choices to make that are important but not clear, I have been able to turn to her.  She has always responded with a direct path, delivered with unpretentious humor and unstinting clarity.  Conversations with Tu Bears have contained extremely helpful insights and guidance with no punches pulled.

– Judith G., MFT, Santa Rosa, California, USA