On any given day, you could find me raising light from earth to sky, seeking shamanic resolutions, practicing an ancient chant with a rattle, or sitting in my garden with bees.  There are days when people come by, some travel long distances to visit with me.  We burn some sage and cedar, share from our hearts, speak deeper wisdom, and restore balance in our souls.

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On any given day,  you might find me in contemplation or embroiled in an art project or pulling words out of the sky to run away across the keyboard or scribbling words from an old fountain pen in dark ink on crumpled paper. Then again, I have been known to be quietly tucked in a corner with my nose in a good book. On days like this, I put on my headphones, listen to jazz, and escape from traffic jams, concerts, or public viewings.  

On any given day, if you are looking for me, there is a great possibility you will find me drinking coffee, flipping through social media, and writing some smart blog posts for you to adventure through.  I will be, for sure, optimistic that you will enjoy it, respond to it, or at least think about it. 


On any given day, you may find yourself here among the blog post, gathering your thoughts, and realizing there is something more to life.  I’m curious to hear what is on your mind.  Check-in with me at tag-alongwithtubears.com