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Conversations with Tu Bears

Legend’s voice speaks on the wind, calls gently to the Mother Earth’s children to bring forth a holy era, a sacred time to fulfill a spiritual commitment.  I believe in today’s world we are heeding this call.

Along the road of human existence my spirit has taught me a way to go deeper and I continue to seek this path in my everyday world.  When I journey through the dimensions of timelessness, I continue to discover that each one of us carry a cosmic wisdom.  When we can tap into our own original soul we develop an honoring of our individual destiny within a much larger collective synergy.

This earnest path of prayer, spiritual guidance, meditation, writing, and ceremony continues to open my experiences and opportunities to participate in conversations with others along their personal journey of self-discovery.

Over these past several years, I have created unique ways of encouraging and teaching many people to shift their consciousness and live a more authentic life.  If you are committed to creating a more confident, passionate life for yourself please make that first step, drop me an email and let’s do this together.  Begin your sacred quest, discover how you can walk your authentic path.

In this time of change, we are gathering our soul’s conscious greatness.  I am honored to use the gifts handed down to me that may guide you in attaining your soul’s truest mission.  All consultations include a gathering of holy guidance, an invocation of sacred wisdom elders, and together we personally engage dialogue around your questions and needs.

To request  your private Conversation with Tu Bears send an email to: 77tubears@gmail.com