Morning Ritual

Waking up in the morning and welcoming the Sun has traveled through my blood and bones before I had memory of the words to describe the connection down deep in my soul. This soulful, Sun wholehearted relationship continues to be my driving force to restore harmony with all of nature.  

The wind whistles through tree branches, raven’s squawk calling us to attention, the river tumbles over big boulders, and children laugh while Grandfather Sun awakens our breath and reminds us to smile.  

Yes, the sun awakens the darkness religiously, He never complains or whines about it.  Mother Earth rolls over on her predictable obit with no protesting and welcomes the warm light in a familiar daily dance. 

For as long as forever, from the beginning of time, and still today, the Sun simply continues to pour his blessings on Mother Earth and all of her children. Seeds grow, plants flourish, trees extend their branches toward the sky, animals bask and stretch in a sunny light, fish jump out of the water to greet the morning, and women bring their nursing babies out to delight in sun rays. 

For many generations children crave to be outdoors, we have all loved to sunbathe, and to feel the warmth of sunlight on a cold winter’s day.

From the time of our conception we are learning our way through relationships. Every part of our being is kinetically drawn to create alliances on multiple levels.  

In our original bond with the sun we find our truest connection to ourselves.  I believe that our most important relationship is the one we build with ourselves. The elements we see in nature becomes our companions in this journey inward.  

The sun transmits fire into our hearts and beams through our whole being, at the very same time Mother Earth shoots her heartbeat up through our feet.  These two dynamic powers restores balance with in.  

In our morning ritual we stand on the Earth and reach toward the Sun with an intentional purpose to gather as much of this cosmic energy as we can possibly contain.

Gratitude is the key, simple gratefulness, uncomplicated appreciation in our morning, 

“Good morning, Grandfather Sun, thank you for coming.”  Those words travel up through my heart, over my tongue in such a sweet melody, tears well up in back of my eyes.  Memories from an ancient day caress my skin, as wind whispers through the trees.  

As I stand in the morning light, My cat, Precious Caledonia the Flying Circus Kitty skips through the grass.  I raise my hand with an offering of corn meal or tobacco.  I gently drop the offering onto the ground and call in the four directions with my love tuner whistle and speak from my heart.  

In our morning ritual we carefully list each of our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and future generations.  We deliberately demonstrate gratitude for the waters of the earth, healthy food, and clean air for all of us who live here on Mother Earth and for 7 generations to come.  

Some mornings our hearts a filled with joy, peace, and gratitude.  And there are other mornings when our hearts are heavy with burdens and sorrows to unfold before our compassionate friend, the sun.  Either way we know our tiny voices, in the cosmic scheme of things, have been carried on the wind- spirits to wherever they need to be at this moment.

Thanks for joining me today in our Morning Ritual

You may have found yourself here for the first time. You may have followed my daily notes for awhile now.  You could be among those who have stood with me for a Sunrise ritual, those who have offered your own appreciations in the morning light. Maybe you are among those who have shared conversations with me and our first coffee of the day.

I am here to speak my heart to you, you who are reading this blog post.

Many years have gone by, I continue to practice this daily ritual and I know this tiny piece of gratitude has kept me alive and well.  I know beyond all knowing that these brief words in the early morning light protects my children and grandchildren.  I believe this simple few minutes sends comfort to the people who’s names I remember each day.  I’m certain, little chunks of thankfulness gives courage and wellbeing to every part of Mother Earth. 

Over these years, I have had the opportunity to share this morning ritual with many circles, some enjoy singing the “Cherokee Morning Song” or humming other songs they may bring to circle.  

Each of these early morning gatherings have proved to be very powerful and beneficial.  

It is a simple ritual and each of you can bring your individual respectfulness in your own words in the morning light.

I’m so grateful for all of you welcome the sun and I’m hopeful I can spread this ritual to future generations.  

When we talk about climate change, and global warming, we could begin to feel pretty helpless and become discouraged.  

Incorporating a morning ritual in your daily routine could give you personal strength, could be a building block of more balance in your life, and could give you a reason to bring other people together in special moments.  

One of the most valuable gifts in my life is the inner knowing that morning ritual of welcoming the Sun is greatly appreciated by all of nature and each sparkle of sunlight, every molecule of life-force is infused with rays of hope.

One of my concepts on Tag-Along with Tu Bears is to inspire, generate hopefulness, and give each of us a deeper understanding of our inner power and the possibilities of what we can create together.

So, my friends – I encourage you to create a morning ritual to welcome the sun in a way that is exactly right for you.  These daily routines can guide you to be more conscious of your deeper connections to Mother Earth, the cosmic universe, and all living things.  

A morning ritual has been practiced, traditionally handed down, and for those of us who continue to remember the benefits of connecting with these ceremonial ways to maintain balance with our planet, we are encouraging future generations to become more aware of their daily practices. Each person who stands in the sun with their feet planted on the soil will bring rays of hope for future generations to remember our truest relationships to the natural world. 

I hope to provoke a passionate fire under you that sends you digging deep into your own sacredness and charms you right into self-discovery that propels you into the wild-blue yonder doing exactly what is right for you.

“Remember, You are here, on this planet – to be authentically you!”