Book Review – A Must-Read “the art of Holding Space” by Heather Plett


“The Art of Holding Space, a practice of love, liberation, and leadership” by Heather Plett is a must-read, an essential study, and a fundamental for all of us soul searchers, wisdom detectives, life coaches, teachers, counselors, and mentors of every kind. The actual practice of Holding Space begins with each of us, the self.

We are living in a time like no other. Each of us is backed against a wall, under the gun, blindsided, or hijacked in how we get through each day. How do we cope with how fast the world is changing?

“The Art of Holding Space” offers options, understandings, practices, and possibilities for each of us to explore a deeper way to love ourselves, to listen wholeheartedly to our truth, to become more aware of our inner voice, and to love more compassionately.

Personal growth is so vital in the coming transformational times. “The Art of Holding Space” package of the book, the journal, and the cards provides a daily practice needed for every one of us to succeed through the tricky confusion of today’s world and tomorrow’s possibilities.

The Holding Space Journal and the Cards bring rise to open our consciousness with incredible insight on our personal journey of Holding Space for ourselves, for our families, and for our communities. The future of humanity depends on holding space for one another and for our whole planet.

Every person on this planet can benefit from the powerful wisdom of “The Holding Space, a practice of love, liberation, and leadership.”

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