New Moon Choices

As we all know, everyday, everything changes.  There is constant motion in our universe and as human beings we struggle with this continuous remodeling and endless alterations.  On any given day, we pull away from a stop sign and get smacked by another car who thought they had the right-of-way.  We are headed to a beautiful dinner with friends when the restaurant gets robbed.  Maybe something more simple than that – we walk out to our a car and find we have a dead battery.  Yes, constant, everyday change. We spend a few days tangled up in tree roots because a situation we were looking forward to didn’t pan out the way we wanted it to. Or something worse happened and we want to know, what did we do wrong, is this our karma, or we say something like “I try to do everything right and bad stuff happened.”   Yes, there is never-ending change and we human beings have the hardest time going with the flow.  

The Moon pushes and pulls the ocean’s tide, the forward movement between earth and the Sun. It charms our emotional misunderstandings, and drags our passionate sensibilities through the mud.  For the most part, we human beings hardly ever look up to see where the moon is positioned in the sky or what phase it is in right now. Yet, the Moon is always there watching us, showing up for us everyday, rearranging our moods, and redecorating our relationships.

Last month, January 2019 kicked all of us into a tailspin with an eclipse, lots of stormy weather, leaky roofs, backed up toilets, overdrawn bank accounts, and we couldn’t believe we lived through it all.  Well, we did.  Here we are in February with the planet Venus chasing a new Moon and Mars ushering the Sun in our early morning sky on February 4th giving us, human beings, an opportunity to restore balance within our personal lives. Stop a few minutes, take some time with your own personal thoughts, hopes, and intentions.  Yes, this powerful New Moon is a clean slate.  It is a perfect time to forgive those old grudges, pardon our mistakes, and absolve our sins. 

Where as, last month was clouded and shadowed with darkness.  This February New Moon opens the sky with clarity, confidence, and credence.  It invokes us to stand in what we know we are truly made of, be fully awake in our stouthearted connections and speak our truth into the power of slivering light on the edge of the moon. 

My grandmother would say, “Collect your wishes and throw them in the Moon’s basket.  When she gets to the other side of the world she will toss them down to you.”

“Put your dreams into the moons basket.”

“When she is ready, she will empty her basket with your dreams coming true.”

There is a synchronistic frequency running within the core of the Moon, like a tuning fork setting wavelengths inside the center of the earth’s heart.  This harmonious melody serenades every living creature on the planet, a rhythm running through the rivers, trees, plants, mountains, and stones.  Egotistical thinking separates humanity from these ancient voices that whisper on the wind.

When we, humanity can slow down our mental chatter, the monkey mind, and sit in deep stillness, we soon hear the harmony of our soul’s truest calling. True enough, to create a New Moon Collage or a New Moon Declaration or a New Moon Ceremony for yourself, this is going to take you a bit of time.  Don’t sell yourself short.  The New Moon is waiting for your voice to speak out with your deepest desires and your wildest dreams.  It is time to be in harmony with the frequency between the moon and earth and you.  The power and energy of this new moon can be accessed for a few days. I suggest, you be sincere, open minded, and humble. Gather your thoughts and create your ceremony, feel free to use a drum or rattles or ask your friends to join you. Trust your heart and move gracefully forward.

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