Not Just Any Old Full Moon, it is a Super Blood Wolf Full Moon

I’ve been doing some google surfing today on the topic of Super Blood Wolf Full Moon. Mostly, scientific jargon about why and how this natural phenomena occurs.  Then, there are those who believe, with no scientific proof that the Super Blood Wolf Full Moon is a symbol that we are all horrible people and bad things are going to happen to us.  And on the uphill side there are the astrological studies of planetary alignments, star constellations and how it relates to us.

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First of all, I am not a scientist, nor a believer in a punishing god, nor am I an educated astrologer.  I’m warning you, you may want to stop reading at this very moment before you get into my head too deeply.  I do have something to say about this January 2019, Super Blood Wolf Full Moon, if you are interested, read on.

The power that lives in each human being is their voice, words, thoughts, and their ability to speak out.  In my way of thinking, our voices command dominion around the world.  It doesn’t matter what language we speak, it does matter what we choose to say.  Every word that travels out of our mouths propels across the wind and we are projecting those words into motion.  

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In my many years on this planet, I have learned to be still, think before I speak.  Otherwise, I may end up saying something I didn’t really mean, or something that might hurt another being.  Being still and thinking before I speak has become what I have grown to call, “my practice”.  Practice means I’m working on it, I may not have it completely handled, and I am following my guidelines, catching myself in the acts of treason, and doing better.  Like Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better you do better.”

When I heard the word on the street was Sunday, January 20, 2019 Full Moon, not just any old Full Moon but a Lunar Eclipse called Super Blood Wolf Full Moon.  Boy howdy, I’m looking that one up, out of my comfort zone, for sure.  Then, coming from my earth based, Indigenous culture, I’m thinking, “This is a power time, a ceremonial moment, an opportunity to invoke the ancient ones, oldest of old ancestors to create some good conjuring.”  

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I was taught that when there is some natural power, like a tree being struck by lightening or a full-rainbow appearing in a dark sky, we could step into a ceremonial purpose anytime during the four days surrounding the power’s presence. 

My proposal for those of you who followed this blog to end.  1. Clear a space of time and location for you to either gather a couple of friends or its okay to do this alone.  Use a little smoke, like sage, cedar, sweetgrass and/or Palo Santo and cleanse yourself and the past from your sacred space.  2. Be specific in your language and speak out loud from your heart of hearts as many intentions/affirmations you want to say in the most positive voice you have.  3. If you have a drum or rattle or other noise maker – use those instruments to carry your hearts intentions into the Super Blood Wolf Full Moon.  And yes, this is a brilliant time to howl if you are so called to do so.  If you are quietly watching this powerful moon, you could hear me howling on the wind.

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